How to Improve the Registration Process

Many event organisers preoccupy themselves with the registration process for their attendees and look for solutions like the event check-in app. It is only natural since registration is the entry-point for attendees to commit themselves to an event. If people find it difficult to register for your event, they may put it off for another time – or never at all. In fact, various registration software and mobile applications have been optimised in recent years. If you’re interested in these technologies, you can read more about the event booking software.

The next step is to find out what practices could help you for mass registrations. Find three helpful tips below:

  1. Use an event website for registration.

The world is going paperless. This is not only beneficial to the environment, it’s also more convenient for attendees and event managers alike when it comes to registration. Paper guest lists are difficult to maintain and may be prone to human errors. Today, you can create an event website and integrate a registration software into it. An event website is practically a webpage where you can fully advertise your event – who it is for, what is it about, when is it happening, etc. Online registration is very easy to do and prospective attendees can do it anytime and anywhere.

  1. Use a registration app on the day of your event.

It can’t be avoided that people would decide to register at the last minute. For this reason, you should equip yourself with a registration app where attendees can easily log their details and pay their dues on the day of the event. The registration app may also have check-in functions. You can only imagine how beneficial it is to invest in a single app for both registration and check-in.

  1. Provide incentives and discounts.

Last but not the least, you may also provide different forms of incentives and discounts to attendees who register online. This is one way for you to increase sales as you campaign your event. For example, you may offer early bird rates for people who would register before a specific date. You may also provide group discounts for attendees who are bringing friends and people they know. The goal here is to put out an attractive offer that will compel them to click on the “Register Now” button.

If you want to delve into other stages of the event lifecycle, you may also invest in an event registration software.